About Symmetry

Symmetry Counseling was founded in 2011 by Dr. Anne Brennan Malec to address the needs of clients seeking assistance and guidance to improve their functioning in their most important relationships. As relationship specialists, the clinicians at Symmetry provide counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families. Symmetry has seen steady growth and success, growing from five counselors in 2011 to more than 50 in 2021. Symmetry Counseling has office locations in Chicago, Phoenix, and Washington, DC.

The therapists at Symmetry are highly trained in proven therapeutic techniques, and utilize a direct, engaged, and active approach with their clients. Navigating life’s challenges often entails acquiring new skills; the team at Symmetry believes these skills can be learned and implemented during the counseling process.

The professionals at Symmetry use a pragmatic approach to strategically address and resolve a client’s concerns. They help clients identify problems, understand why past attempts to address them have been unsuccessful, and then collaboratively assist clients in developing alternative solutions. Symmetry’s therapists provide a supportive, empathetic, insightful, and encouraging environment for their clients to reach their goals.

At Symmetry, we recognize that setting goals and measuring results are an important part of the healing process. A client’s participation in setting these goals enables them to more proactively explore the thoughts, feelings and experiences that guide their current and past choices. This results in change that is both honest and sustainable.

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